Friday, June 7, 2013

6/7/2013 – Friday – Vacation Bible School – Theme - "Kingdom Rocks"

       Good morning boys and girls.  We have had such a great time at Vacation Bible School this week. I have really enjoyed spending the week here with all of you, visiting your classes and seeing all the different activities that you have been doing together.  I know that you have had a lot of fun this week, but that you have also learned a lot about God around the Kingdom Rocks theme that you have had this week.
         I know that you have heard about a lot of different people from the Bible and from the history of the Church who have stood strong in their faith when times have been difficult.  “Stand Strong” has been a very popular theme that we have had throughout Vacation Bible School. You heard the story of Queen Esther from the Bible, how she stood up to the king and saved the Jewish people from dying. You learned about St Patrick, who was brought to Ireland as a slave, and who later returned to Ireland as a priest to bring the Gospel of the Lord to them.  We heard about the Virgin Mary and her spouse St Joseph, how their faith help shape Jesus as he grew up with them. 
         Our parish here – St James – is named after James the Greater – who was one of Jesus’ good friends and who helped bring the Gospel to many people throughout the world.  James’ cross is found on the T-shirt that you are getting for VBS.  The T-shirt says – “St James Catholic Church – Where the Kids Stand Strong for God.”  St James had a very difficult time bringing God’s word to the world.  When he traveled to the country of Spain, many people did not want to listen to what he had to say.  Yet, today, many people look up to the faith of James as a great example, and visit the place where he is buried in order to honor him and to honor God.
         This week, with the help of Ms. Christi and Ms. Jennifer, we all helped to put together a cross full of little tiny stones and little pieces of sea shells to form that big cross.  All those little pieces together form the cross of Jesus, and together it makes a big strong cross.  A lot of times we feel like by ourselves, we cannot do very much.  But together, we can do a lot.  Remember during the week when you encouraged Wally and Penelope to come up on the stage and be strong?  On their own they felt like they could not do it together, but with your encouragement, they were able to stand strong. 

         Jesus made a lot of sacrifices for us and he went to the cross for us.  Through Jesus, we stand strong and we follow the road of faith.  Today, VBS is coming to and end, and I know that you have had a lot of fun.  We are very thankful for Miss Laine and all her crew, for all the adults and youth who did so much to make this week happen.  I know that you will learn the lessons that you heard this week, that you will stand strong and follow the road of faith. 

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