Monday, December 3, 2012

Catholic Cemetery in Port Gibson, Mississippi

The town of Port Gibson is located in Claiborne County, Mississippi, between Natchez and Vicksburg.  Many old pre-Civil War buildings survived because legend has it that General Grant spared the town from destruction because he deemed it "too beautiful to burn."  The Catholic cemetery in Port Gibson is located just a bit off the main road going through town.  I had a funeral here about 2 1/2 years ago.  The parishioners told me that the cemetery had become very over-grown and more of less abandoned.  When some of the parishioners cleaned up the cemetery some years ago, they found a small area of Confederate soldier graves that had been more or less forgotten about.  The cemetery is most famous for the grave of Resin Bowie, the supposed inventor of the Bowie knife which his brother Jim Bowie made famous in a fight.  I love visiting these little historical treasures in the state of Mississippi.

Entrance to cemetery

Grave marker of Resin Bowie

Graves of Confederate soldiers

Grave of unknown Confederate soldier

Grave of Confederate soldier John W Stephens

Graves of Confederate soldiers

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