Thursday, November 15, 2012

11/29/2012 – Thursday of 34rd week in ordinary time – Luke 21:20-28

        We just have a couple more days in this liturgical year before we begin the Advent season this Sunday, so I guess it is appropriate that we hear some readings about the end times since we are approaching the end of the liturgical year.  Jesus talks about desolation and calamity in the end times, about the destruction of Jerusalem, but also that we should hold our head up high at that time because our redemption is at hand.  Jesus says that people will be terrified, that they will die of fright in anticipation of what is at hand.  Yet, those of us who believe should have no worries.  We place our trust in the Lord.
         There are some in our society who look long-term too much, and others live too much in the present.  We know some individuals who do not have a penny saved for a rainy day, while others save everything for a future that does not come.  If we place our trust and values in the Gospel, we have no need to fear.  We plan for the future, but the future of our material world is not to become an idol for us.  As we start our preparation for the coming of Christ in just a few days with the beginning of the holy season of Advent, we begin that time of preparation and waiting.  And we indeed wait for that time when he will come again.   

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