Monday, October 22, 2012

10/30/2012 – Tuesday of 30th week in ordinary time – Luke 13:18-21

       There is so much to learn about God's kingdom, so Jesus teaches us about this kingdom in parables.  The kingdom of God is like a small mustard seed that grows into a large bush that can provide shade & that can feed many birds through the delicious seeds it produces.  The kingdom of God is like this small seed in our lives, in that it starts out in its smallest beginnings in our human hearts, in which we open up our lives to the word & will of God.  The kingdom of God transforms us from within, in ways we could never imagine, in ways we could not change through our own human efforts alone.
         Leaven is another image that symbolically describes the kingdom of God.  Leaven is also a powerful agent of change.  Without leaven, the dough cannot be transformed into a freshly baked loaf of bread when baked in the oven.  Without leaven, there is no bread, & it is the bread of life that provides us nourishment & stamina, the staple of life for us human beings. 
         Like leaven helping bread to rise or a lush bush growing from a small seed, the kingdom of God produces a transformation for those who are open to God’s grace, to those who are willing to receive the new life that Christ offers to us. 
         Lord, may we be open to the ways the kingdom of God can transform us.  May we increase our zeal & openness to your kingdom, O heavenly Father.  May you, Lord, instill in us a holy desire to live a life of faith that proclaims your kingdom & that announces your glory to all.

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