Saturday, October 20, 2012

10/26/2012 – Friday of 29th week in ordinary time – Luke 12:54-59

         Swiss Reformed theologian Karl Barth once famously stated that preachers of God's word ought to preach with the Bible in one hand & the newspaper in the other.  Barth understood the relationship between the word of God and the word of the day, that they are intrinsically bound together in such a way that one always interprets the other.  Today's Gospel from Luke addresses how some in Jesus' day could interpret the weather from the clouds and the appearance of the earth, but were not able to discern the signs that Jesus put before their very eyes in his proclamation of God's kingdom.  And isn't it even more true today? We are so technologically advanced, we pride ourselves in all the scientific advances we have made, yet we so often miss the message that God is trying to convey to us.  We are looking for God to speak to us in a certain way in our lives, and we might be missing the way God is present to us right before our very eyes.  “The signs of the times” was an important message of the Second Vatican Council, as it called us to interpret God's Word through the signs of our modern era, yet to also be true to the original message of Jesus and the message preached by the early Church fathers.  We are in the early stages of celebrating the Year of Faith as declared by Pope Benedict XVI.  We are called to discern where God is calling us to live our faith, especially in light of the documents of the Second Vatican Council.  As we get ready to vote for a president and other elected officials in our country in less than two weeks, may we ask for the wisdom to be able to discern where God is calling us today.  

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