Sunday, July 17, 2011

Photos of Glenwood Cemetery - Yazoo City, Mississippi -

Entrance to Glenwood Cemetery, Yazoo City, MS. 

View near the entrance of the cemetery 

Angel grave markers in the cemetery

Gravestone of the "Witch of Yazoo City".  She supposedly burned down most of the city in 1904, including St Mary Catholic Church.  She was made famous by native Yazoo City author Willie Morris.  She is referred to on this grave marker as a "vengeful woman and her shameful deed".  

These are the large chains that surround the grave site of the Witch of Yazoo City.  She supposedly broke out of these chains when she burned down the city in 1904. 

Grave marker and stone for famous Yazoo City author Willie Morris, who wrote My Dog Skip.  The stone reads: "Even across the divide of death, friendship remains an echo forever in the heart."

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  1. This is fantastic! When my daughter, Liz, was at SMU majoring in Journalism, she wrote a paper on the legend of the Witch's grave.

    You are doing a great job with this blog site, Fr. I hope more people take advantage of it. Take care.