Monday, January 28, 2013

1/30/2013 – Wed of 3rd week in ordinary time – Mark 4:1-20

        We hear a familiar parable in the Gospel today, of a sower sowing seeds in different types of ground.  We may be able to identify with this parable in the different moments we have in life.  Sometimes God’s word seems to fall in our lives and take root so easily, but other times, it seems as though God’s word has been snatched up from our lives like birds grabbing seeds off the ground. 
         I was recently reading the book about Mother Teresa of Calcutta, about how for so many years she felt a dark night in her soul that made her feel so far away from God.  Yet, she could still feel God calling her to work with the poor of Calcutta, to live out the Gospel in her life.  No matter what our struggles and challenges, we can find the riches of God’s word and we can help it take root in our lives. 
         May we search for God in the reality of our lives.  May we use our personalities, our interests, and our reality to find the meaning of God’s word in our lives.  

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