Sunday, April 22, 2012

We only have two weeks left in the pilgrimage.  We have made very good progress crossing northern Spain on the way to the town of Santiago.  One never knows what the day will bring.  Saturday was very cold, very windy, and very wet.  We walked about 26 km (about 16 miles) through these conditions.  We walked up a very steep hill, then through a high mesa.  We hit a beautiful canal, but had four sudden rainstorms.  Once my clothing started to dry, then it started raining again.  And the wind kept blowing and blowing.  Arrived in the beautiful town of Fromista in the same albergue (pilgrims hostel) where I stayed with my friend Nancy on the pilgrimage here 9 years ago.

Today, we started off in the wrong direction and lost about an hour.  It was very frustrating.  But what a wonderful day - sunny and no wind.  The most pleasant day so far.  We stopped often - had coffee three times along the way.  A very delightful older man met us in front of his almond grove and gave us some candy and greeted us.  I went to mass in the middle of the journey at a church built by the Knights Templer in the 13th century.  Today we are staying at a convent albergue run by an order of nuns.  I am so blessed to be here in Spain on pilgrimage - my prayers are with all of you.


  1. What a wonderful pilgrimage! Sounds like the trip of a lifetime! What a blessing! Enjoy and bring back wonderful tales!
    Frances Nelson

  2. I just found all your posts! I will follow your journey through your blog, so details please! I hope to do the next walk with you. If you do a next one! Please pray for me and my family. I wish I were with you guys. Have a great journey!

    In Christ,